Prospect of pesticide equipment use trend in 2019
Affected by the international situation, the structure of domestic planting industry will be adjusted, and the demand form of various crops for pesticides in 2019 may be slightly better than that in 2018. It is expected that the zero growth action of pesticide use in 2019 will continue to advance, and the operating area of green prevention and control and unified control will continue to increase. Under the synergetic effect of increasing pesticide utilization rate year by year, the overall pesticide consumption will still maintain a steady downward trend. 1、 Emerging pesticides Biopesticide: affected by the continuous promotion of zero growth action of pesticides, the improvement of microbial pesticide performance, the light occurrence of diseases and insect pests, and the need for disease and pest control, the amount of biopesticides will continue to increase, especially the amount of microbial pesticides will increase significantly, and the microbial agents for soil treatment are gradually accepted by the majority of fruit and vegetable growers. Soil treatment agent and seed treatment agent: the dosage will increase, because the occurrence area of soil borne pathogens and nematodes will still increase. Fungicides for bacterial disease control: the dosage will increase, because bacterial diseases have a growing trend. Plant growth regulators and plant health products: the use area will continue to rise, because of the pursuit of production efficiency by Grain Growers and the pursuit of product quality and yield by fruit and vegetable producers. Pesticide spray auxiliaries: the dosage continues to grow, and the requirements for pesticide reduction and the development of UAV pesticide application all play a catalytic role. 2、 Price Under the influence of domestic environmental protection policies, the integration of pesticide machinery industry has been improved, and high pollution small and medium-sized enterprises have gradually withdrawn from the market, resulting in the reduction of production capacity. In addition, the rising cost of raw materials will lead to the high price of pesticides, especially the technical drugs. In the spring ploughing in 2019, if the stop production enterprises can not continue to start work, it will have some impact on the spring cultivation production of medicine. 3、 Plant protection machinery The plant protection UAV will continue to be popular under the support of the national policy. Although the manual backpack sprayer is used in large quantities, it is decreasing year by year, and the sales of large and medium-sized spraying equipment and large aircraft are basically stable. Source: Agricultural Science and Technology News
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