Hanyou 8
Characteristics: Japonica Hybrid Rice with water saving and drought resistance. The plant height was 100.0 cm and the ear length was 18.5 cm. The spike type is bigger, the leaf is more erect, the leaf color is dark green, the angle of sword leaf is bigger, the green stalk is yellow.
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Zaoyu Xiangjing
Characteristics: zaoyu Xiangjing was planted in Shanghai in early May and harvested before and after September 20. The growth period is about 125 days, and the whole growth period is about 140 days in Anhui and Hubei. Zaoyu Xiangjing is early-growing and fast-growing. It has strong cold resistance at seedling stage. Its stem is thick and resistant to fertilizer and lodging. Its flag leaf is curly and its flag leaf is straight. Its tillering ability is medium. Its panicle type is dense and its grains are dense. The effective panicles per mu were 248000 / panicle, 129 grains per panicle, 109.8 grains per panicle and 23.9g 1000 grain weight.
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Shanghai drought 61
Characteristics: japonica type conventional rice variety, belonging to medium maturity late japonica type, the average growth period is 161.6, 0.5 days later than the control Xiushui 128; the plant height is medium, 95.1 cm; the growth is regular. It has high tillering stage, good grain setting rate, medium grain color, and weak panicle color.
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