About Chairman Message

Dear Employees :

In this big family of the Earth, nearly 1 billion people suffer from hunger every day and 18 thousand children die because of food and lack of nutrition. Ensuring global food security is the responsibility for all of us. For this sacred mission, we gather together to research and promote new agricultural technology and varieties.

It is a lucky chance for me to work with you in Tiangu Company. This chance comes from our common recognition, confidence, expectation and commitment to work hard for Tiangu's science and technology careers.

The continuous success of the company needs the right strategy, the matching organization and executive ability. Its carrier is everyone's basic quality, thinking mode, working ability and corporate governance ways. Capacity building needs the joint commitment and effort of management and management at all levels.

The common growth of employees and the company is the basic value of the company.

Finally, I hope you can join us in creating a better future for our company!