Tiangu Research Institute was founded in January 2018. Zhang Qifa, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Zhang Guokun, director of Shanghai Agricultural Committee, unveiled the Academy. Dr. Luo Lijun, chairman of the company, is the president and chief scientist of the Research Institute.

Tiangu Research Institute is a research institution established by the company on the basis of Green Super R & D center. It deepens the functions and functions of the original R & D center, establishes the company's commercial breeding system, and further studies the whole process solution from sowing to harvesting of water-saving and drought resistant rice.

The company signed an "academician workstation" with academician Zhang Qifa, and built "production, teaching and research base" and "teaching practice base" with Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Huazhong Agricultural University and Anhui Agricultural University.

The Research Institute will apply to become a national "post doctoral workstation" and a joint training center for doctors and masters, strive to become a municipal and ministerial key laboratory as far as possible, and gradually develop into a national key laboratory.